If you’re here wanting to know more about who I am, let’s say this: I’m a concerned citizen who wants reasonable and peaceful solutions to the problems that face communities locally, in my state, in the US, and around the world. My perspectives were forged in a conservative and then a non-conservative context. While faulty rhetoric and ad hominem attacks were par-for-the-course training in both contexts, I hope to help raise the discourse. Although progress is made when people fight tooth and nail against other opposing them tooth and nail, that kind of progress is slow, leaving important stakeholders out of the solutions.

My form of conservatism, therefore, is one of care, consideration, and fairness. I really don’t think I’ve strayed much from conservatism when you think of this as “conservation”. Protect nature, protect the weak and under-privileged, protect progress, and oppose greed, selfishness, and hostility. Strange that anyone would ridicule such things.