Action vs. Vitriol

The Health Care bill is in the process of being passed and athough I believe the process still has a ways to go, the GOP has launched a campain to fire Nancy Pelosi, which includes a lot of bluster, built in assumptions (say, that all Republicans want to fire her), and some jarring imagery.

It is fair, I think, that the opposition want to oust Pelosi. She has been a thorn in their side for several years. But with the nature of discussion, I take strong issue.

How are we to make progress toward a safer, smarter, and more prosperous society if our political leaders are engaged in playground antics? As of today, the Democratic Party’s web site is all about action and accomplishment. The GOP site, in contrast, is primarily sarcasm, accusation, and vitriol. Sure, like Oakland Raiders fans, I can comprehend being a fan of the individualist, the underdog, the outsider. But the GOP represents roughly 50% of all Americans. Aren’t they interested in building something better, rather than just negative attacks on the current administration? Are election cycles so long that congressmen can never show collaboration, but rather must begin working toward the next election as soon as their power has been usurped?

And what about improving one’s resume? If I were Mitch McConnell, I’d be working on creating a kick-ass alternative to the ideas being brought forth by the Democrats. I’d make those ideas very public. I’d push them through social networks. I’d keep the conversation positive — something like “Democrats are in power now and they’ve got some ideas. But look at this. Don’t you want a better future? We can deliver it, and here’s how.”

The absence of this kind of discussion from most discussions I hear or read is probably the most frightening thing about the current state of politics in the United States.

If the conversation is about how is yelling the loudest, or whether the press is biased, or insinuations of corruption (either without facts or by assocation and still without facts), then how can we expect things in our country to improve?

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